A SharePoint Method to Display a List on Another Site

Sharing data across different sites on SharePoint is a crucial and commonly required functionality for businesses. One of the conventional ways is displaying a list from one site to another. Fortunately, this can be effortlessly achieved by utilizing SharePoint’s Web Part and Site Collection features. This step-by-step guide describes a detailed procedure on how to display a list on another site in SharePoint.


Before we get started, ensure you have administrative rights in both SharePoint sites to smoothly carry out the process.

Step 1: Activate Publishing Features

To cross-display a list, first, you need to activate the ‘SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure’ feature in the Site Collection. Follow these steps:

  • Navigate to ‘Site Settings’ of the Site Collection
  • Under the ‘Site Collection Administration’ section, select ‘Site Collection Features’
  • Scroll down until you find ‘SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure’
  • Click on the ‘Activate’ button

Step 2: Create a List or Use an Existing List

You can either create a new data list or utilize an existing one. To create a new list:

  • Go to the ‘Site Contents’ page
  • Click on ‘New’ > ‘List’
  • Define your new data list and ‘Create’

Step 3: Use the Data View Web Part to Display the List

As an essential feature of SharePoint, the Data View Web Part allows you to pull information from other sites. Follow these steps to use Data View Web Part:

  • Navigate to the site which you want the list to appear
  • Edit the page and select ‘Add a Web Part’ option
  • In the Categories list, select ‘Media and Content’
  • In the Parts list, select ‘Content Query’ and then click on ‘Add’

Step 4: Modify the Web Part to Display Your Desired List

You need to tweak the configuration of the Web Part to pull and display the list from the other site:

  • Once the Content Query Web Part is added, select ‘Edit Web Part’
  • On the pane that appears, scroll to ‘Query’ section
  • Under ‘Show items from the following list:’, click on ‘Browse’
  • Navigate via the popup to find the list’s location (source site)
  • After you’ve selected the list, click on ‘OK’
  • Save and checkout the changes

That’s it! Your chosen SharePoint list should now be displayed on the other site.


Although it may seem complicated at first, SharePoint provides built-in methods to access data and lists across different sites within the same collection. By following this method, you can boost your team’s productivity by sharing necessary data or project updates on multiple platforms, ensuring dynamic and effective communication. As always, SharePoint continues to deliver the promised agility and adaptability for enterprises.

Remember, when it comes to SharePoint, knowledge is power. Keep exploring and learning new things because SharePoint has a lot more to offer!






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