A Progress Bar for Your Tasks List in SharePoint

Creating a visual representation of tasks in progress is a wonderful way to keep track of projects or duties. What’s more, it can help enhance the overall effectiveness of your team. If you’re using SharePoint, you can create a progress bar for your task list, allowing your colleagues to visualize completion status effectively. Here’s an in-depth guide to adding a progress bar for your tasks list in SharePoint.


This guide assumes you’ve already set up a task list within SharePoint.

Step 1: Create a “Calculated” Column

Adding a New Column

To add a progress bar, you’ll first need to add a new column to your task list. Navigate to your list in SharePoint and select ‘List Settings’ from the ribbon. From there click ‘Create Column’.

Naming, Formatting and Formulas

Name your column “Progress Bar” or any other name of your choice. Then, under ‘The type of information in this column is’, select ‘Calculated’.

Under ‘The formula’, insert this formula:

=REPT("|", ROUND(([% Complete]*100),0))

This formula will produce a series of vertical bars for our progress bar, in line with the Percentage Complete field.

Formatting the New Column

Under ‘The data type returned from this formula is’, choose ‘single line of text’. This ensures the progress bar appears properly.

Click ‘OK’ to save these changes.

Step 2: Enhance the Progress Bar with CSS

To make the progress bar more vivid, we need to style it using CSS.

Adding Script Editor/Web Part

Navigate to the page containing your Task List. Select ‘Edit’, then the ‘Insert’ tab, and choose ‘Web Part’.

In the Web Part categories, select ‘Media and Content’, then ‘Script Editor’. Click ‘Add’ to insert this into your page.

Adding CSS

Click ‘EDIT SNIPPET’ on your newly added Script Editor. A dialogue box will pop up. Here, you need to insert a CSS code.

        to right, 
        #4CAF50 0%, 
        #4CAF50 100%
background-clip: text;
-webkit-background-clip: text;

This CSS code will transform the vertical bars from the calculated column into a solid, green progress bar.

Click ‘INSERT’ to confirm this action.

Step 3: Save Your Changes

Once you’ve added and configured the ‘Calculated’ column and added the CSS script, make sure to save your changes by clicking ‘Save’ or ‘Stop Editing’.


Incorporating a progress bar for your tasks list in SharePoint can significantly enhance your team’s productivity by providing a clear, visual portrayal of completion status. Formulas and CSS might seem intimidating if you aren’t experienced, but with this in-depth guide, you’ll be set up in no time.






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